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The curriculum has changed many times but the fundamentals of math and reading never change. When children struggle at school, what they need is an understanding of the fundamentals, the basics. As children gain these skills, the brain slowly grows and the concepts at school become easier to grasp. Mastery of the basic skills must be our first priority.

The other major need children have is connection. Relationship is everything for the struggling learner. If they don’t feel safe, encouraged and supported, they can’t relax and learn. They need an environment free of criticism, judgement and frustration.

Often the reason we get frustrated and critical is that we don’t know what to do. We want to help. What we need is to understand that different minds approach problems differently. We need to teach individual children the way they each need to learn. Even learning disabilities aren’t a learning problem. All children can learn the basics if they’re taught their own special way..

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help your child, please click the link below and email me for a free, no obligation,conversation. I promise you’ll be happy you did.


Client Reviews

My son is having so much fun learning math. Karen knows how to help him his way. He used to hate math and now he asks to do it! I can’t tell her how grateful I am!
— Teresa, Victoria BC
My daughter is homeschooled because of misbehaviour. Karen helped us to see that she’s gifted and needs to be challenged. She’s helping us to keep her busy both physically and academically and she’s thriving. She loves it.
— Jenn, Victoria BC
The change in my son has been dramatic. Not long ago we had tears every morning before school and when I picked him up. Every day! I was so mad! I don’t know what magic she has but he’s okay now. He’s enjoying his life.
— Mel, Victoria BC