Is your child struggling at school?

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  • Are they behind in reading or math?

  • Are you losing sleep at night?

  • Are you concerned about their future?

  • Is their struggle impacting their self-worth?

  • Are you dealing with anxiety or behaviour problems that you know are a result of their school struggles?

Hi, I’m Karen Swift. Welcome to Swift Learning Solutions.

I’m a therapeutic tutor specializing in math and reading with primary, elementary and middle school students. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. What I’ve discovered is that every child is unique and the more I can adapt to their individual learning needs, the faster and easier their confidence grows as well as their mastery of reading and math.

Therapeutic tutoring is available:

  • in Victoria, BC

  • In Nanaimo, BC

  • Online using Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, or WhatsApp.

I have spaces to help students with:

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  • reading

  • math

  • behaviour or anxiety issues due to school struggles

  • lack of confidence or self-worth

  • unwillingness to go to school or do homework

  • any kind of school stress

I don’t follow the government curriculum. I follow the rule of doing something different in order to get different results. I take your child back to the basics, discover what fundamental skills your child has missed and help them learn each step. I also use all of the things your child has successfully learned at school to help build self-confidence. They have learned more than they realize.

I specialize in:

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  • children who are just a little bit behind

  • dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, APD, LPD, VPD

  • ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum

  • gifted

  • home schooling

  • any medical or other issue requiring a unique learning approach

The first difference you’ll notice in your child, as a result of therapeutic tutoring, is typically an improvement in their self-confidence and a willingness to try. This change usually occurs within the first month. In time they will slowly gain mastery of math, reading or both which then increases their confidence even more. As they learn, my goal is for them to know their own learning style so well that they are then able to adapt to their teachers’ teaching style and figure out how to help themselves learn from anyone.

Are you in Victoria or Nanaimo, BC?

Are you looking for a therapeutic tutor who will come to your home and tutor your son or daughter?

If you’d like to schedule tutoring appointment(s), please click here if you live in Victoria, including Victoria, Oak Bay, South Saanich including Cadbury Bay area. Please click here if you live in Nanaimo, from South Wellington to Lantzville. You can book, change or cancel appointments any time in my online calendar. My fee for in-home tutoring is $70.00 per one hour lesson. If you have questions, please email me here. I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Are you elsewhere?

Are you looking for a therapeutic tutor who will meet with you online?

If you’d like to schedule tutoring appointment(s), please click here for online lessons. You can book, change or cancel appointments in my online calendar at any time. My fee for online tutoring is $60.00 per one hour lesson.

If you’d like more information, please email me here. I’d be happy to answer all of your questions or concerns.


The change in my son has been dramatic. Not long ago we had tears every morning before school and when I picked him up. Every day! I was so mad! I don’t know what magic she has but he’s okay now. He’s enjoying his life.
In a few short months, my daughter is doing her homework successfully. She doesn’t fight about having to do math. She’s not as frustrated at school anymore and we’re feeling so relieved about how she’s doing. Our lives are very different now compared to how things were not long ago. Karen’s methods are easy and they’re definitely worth it!
— Sarah, Victoria, BC
My son is having so much fun with reading. Karen knows how to help him his way. He used to hate anything to do with it and now I find him with his nose in a book. I can’t tell her how grateful I am!
My son was terrified of math! He would get hysterical at the mere mention of it. Karen helped us through the whole process. Now my son is so proud of himself and what he can do in math. We’ve come a long way. Overcoming his fear has made a big difference for all of us!
— Pat, Victoria, BC
My daughter is homeschooled because of misbehaviour. Karen helped us to see that she’s gifted and needs to be challenged. She’s helping us to keep her busy both physically and academically and she’s thriving. She loves it.